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Lead in Drinking Water

Concerned about Lead in your drinking water? Analyze now and receive results to help you make informed decisions about your water sources. 

Most lead contamination in homes or businesses comes from lead-bearing plumbing materials.
As these materials age, lead can often dissolve into the water.  The concentration of lead in the water correlates with the age of the materials, water temperature, hardness, pH and contact time.  Private wells can also be subject to changes in water conditions, which may be affected by contaminated aquifers.  The best solution is to make an informed decision after receiving your laboratory test results.

ALS Environmental's Rochester laboratory is certified to test for Lead in drinking water by US EPA method 200.8 in the following states: New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Virginia.  The EPA “action limit” for lead is 15 ppb.  The Rochester laboratory routinely detects concentration below 15ppb and as low as 1ppb using an ICP-MS instrument.

Our Salt Lake City laboratory has been monitoring drinking water for over 40 years for local, state, and federal clients. In response to the national concerns for drinking water safety, ALS continues to offer the following panels under our Utah Drinking Water Certification:


Primary Drinking Water Metals list
  • Sb, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Ni, Se, Th, U, and Hg (EPA 200.8 & 245.1)
Secondary Drinking Water Metals list
  • Al, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ag, Zn (EPA 200.8 & 200.7)


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